Value stories: Zone clear communication and management

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The value stories series are use-cases describing operational activities of the platform. They are intended to provide an insight into key features disregarding the underlying technology but framing the use case in short story form.
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Industry: Cross-industry
Key platform capabilities: 3rd party sensor integration; Automation; HSSE Dashboard

Value story:

A team of operators working on fibre optics in a trench are suddenly alert by their gas detector that a build-up has been detected. Through the XR Sense platform the gas detector automatically sends a message to all nearby staff alerting them to the situation and directing them to the nearest muster point.

The Person in Charge (PiC) uses the HSSE dashboard to identify the location, people involved and Points of Interest in the vicinity. They quickly determine on the dashboard that a diesel generator’s carbon monoxide fumes, positioned away from the work-site,  are entering the trench.

After re-positioning the generator the PiC issues the all clear through the XR sense platform allowing work to continue.