Value stories: Automated work order creation and assignment

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The value stories series are use-cases describing operational activities of the platform. They are intended to provide an insight into key features disregarding the underlying technology but framing the use case in short story form.
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Industry: Cross-industry
Key platform capabilities: Machine Vision; Automation; Remote Assistance; HSSE Dashboard

Value story:

It’s 12:30AM and from the lunch cafeteria the smell of Taco Tuesday is wafting through the warehouse. Since supply tends to run out quickly, the entire work floor is empty within minutes. As the HSSE Manager stands in-line she receives an automatic notification through the XR Sense platform – The Machine Vision algorithm has detected that someone left a pallet in front of an emergency exit.

Automatically, XR Sense has generated a work-order, and identified the nearest fork-lift certified person. The HSSE manager sees via the XR Sense dashboard that the assigned worker is at location and quickly establishes a Remote Assist call. It is critical that the exit is available as soon as possible, and validates that the task is actioned immediately.