Value stories: Zone based permission and information

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The value stories series are use-cases describing operational activities of the platform. They are intended to provide an insight into key features disregarding the underlying technology but framing the use case in short story form.
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Industry: Oil & Gas
Key platform capabilities: Situational Awareness Dashboards; Remote Assistance; Automation

Value story:

A group of external contractors are moving back to their truck to grab specialized equipment. They see the truck in the distance and decide to take a direct route to the car. They take a staircase down into a slightly lower area and are immediately notified that they have entered an “enclosed space” and that additional authorization and PPE is required in this zone.

The contractors immediately revert back up the stairs and take the longer way around. A few seconds later they receive a call from the Person in Charge, as an incident was raised in XR Sense, to make sure they are safe and compliant.