Use cases series: Situational Awareness – SOS drill and response management

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This post is part of a series on use cases for the XR Sense platform. These use cases are all available in our production environment and are intended to inspire you, the reader, to reflect how such a use case can be applied within your company. You can find all uses cases in the series here.

SOS drill and response management

Every ​day at XR Tech, we ask ourselves three fundamental questions:

  • ‘How do we guarantee frontline workers return to their families unharmed?’
  • ‘How can operations save costs and increase efficiency at every opportunity?’
  • What must we do to reduce the carbon impact on our planet?’

Today let us look at how we can act on the first question that revolves around safety. Our vision for Assisted Reality in an operation/industrial setting is that you bring the XR device with you as part of the standard tool-kit. That is because it unburdens you as a user and keeps you safe. Because you have the device with you, our platform is able to ingest sensor data that is relevant, in some cases even critical, about your environment.

In the video above, we highlight the SOS feature of our platform. Whether manually activated by a user saying: “SOS” or the device detecting a sudden drop and stand-still;  we are able to detect that a frontline user requires emergency assistance.

This is where our Situational Awareness and Automation capabilities join forces. On our HSSE dashboard we trigger an incident and visualize the location of that incident on a 2D map of your working location. At the same time our Automation layer is working it’s magic in the back-end ranging from notifying relevant internal and external stakeholders through email, SMS, or other forms of communication to automatically pushing information into other systems such as Incident Management as per your Standard Operating Procedures.

Your response to these events can be tailored to the incident’s needs:

  • A Remote Assistance call can easily be established through our platform to the device ‘s user to better understand the situation and what happened.
  • Nearby users can similarly be contacted or directed if the user is non-responsive.
  • The Situational Awareness provided by our Geographic Information System (GIS) allows you to easily identify nearby Points of Interest such as life saving equipment: First Aid Kits, AED’s, etc.
  • If the incident escalates and requires the work environment to be cleared this can also easily be facilitated by our platform. For more information on Evacuation Management check here.

As industries move to increasingly autonomous operations, we must not forget that humans will remain a critical part of operations. Keeping them safe and able to work unburdened is one of our top priorities.

If this use case is of interest to you and you would like to learn more, please reach out to us for a demonstration.