Use case series: Situational Awareness – Zone based information When and Where you need it.

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This post is part of a series on use cases for the XR Sense platform. These use cases are all available in our production environment and are intended to inspire you, the reader, to reflect how such a use case can be applied within your company. You can find all uses cases in the series here.

Zone based information When and Where you need it.

In this post we explore how our platform drives Situational Awareness by providing relevant information to users that is contextually relevant to where they are and at what time they are working.

This capability is extremely powerful to unburden frontline workers by providing them with Just-In-Time information. Who is the Person-In-Charge (PIC) for today? What permits or other work activities are on-going today? Are there additional PPE requirements because of on-going work?

Operations are always dynamic and therefore the information required by frontline workers changes throughout the day. 

The XR Sense platform combines a Geographic Information System (GIS) and Automation capability to link areas at your worksite (So called Zones) with information relevant to those Zones. This allows information to dynamically be provided.

As an example: Experienced on-site staff will receive information about on-going work permits; who the Person-In-Charge is that day and perhaps Live Asset performance information. A contractor, unfamiliar with the site, might receive additional information about PPE requirements, local regulations or customs that are pertinent to them being able to work safely and effectively. Or simply a message that they are in a Zone where they are not supposed to be.

Because our solution ensures the zone information (Notes, toolbox talk etc) is deployed at the Wearable level, our workers are continuously made aware of relevant information even whilst disconnected from Wifi or Mobile Signal. This is critical as most industrial locations have challenging communications blackspots.

While the example above is purposefully simplistic, the XR Sense platform can combine a company’s legacy systems, external information sources such as the weather and the contextual relevant information provided by the devices. This truly augments the human performance by providing the right information, at the right time so that they can focus on value adding activities.

If this use case is of interest to you and you would like to learn more, please reach out to us for a demonstration.