XR-Sense Dashboard Troubleshooting

  • Error Message Received
    • We cannot Troubleshoot an error message. This requires flagging to the Testing team to replicate and Dev team to investigate if replicated.
    • However, if the error is a validation error. Etc. “Please complete the ‘Name’ field”. Then this can be resolved by the user.
  • Reporting Is Not Working
    • When trying to create a report follow the steps on the Report Module Guide in the link below.Link
  • Incidents Have Not Been Logged
  • Site Cannot Be Assigned To A User
    • Users can only be assigned to Clients. A Client can have many Sites.Users are assigned to Devices. Sites can be assigned to multiple Devices.
      1. Navigate to the Device entry.
      2. Select the Client of the Device. This is essential to selecting the User assigned to the Device.
      3. Select the Site of the Device.
      4. Save the Device entry form.
      5. You will see a Sites Table also within this form.
      6. Click on the “+” Create New button and select the Site once again.
      7. Save the Device Site entry form.
      8. Finally, select the Assigned User of the Device in the Device entry form.
      9. Save the Device entry form.
  • Device Cannot Be Assigned To Site
    • To fix this issue, the user will have to navigate to ‘Device’ on the burger menu, select the device that is the one they are using, select ‘Site’ then the sites that are available to the client will appear. Once the user has selected the site, the user should press ‘Save’ down at the bottom right of the page.
  • Zone Updates Are Not Saved
    • One way to resolve Zone updates not saving is when the user has not filled out all the required fields such as ‘Name’, ‘Site’ and ‘Status’. The user should also make sure that the GeoJson and Boundary are done correctly which is shown in the link below.
    • If the zones still do not save. The zones that have been created will have to be deleted and created again.Link
  • Site Updates Are Not Saved
    • When Site updates are not saved, this is because some required fields have not been filled out such as ‘Client’, ‘Name’ and ‘Country’.
  • Unable To Create New Zone
    • One reason why the user cannot create a new zone on the dashboard is because some of the required fields are not filled out such as ‘Name’. ‘Site’, ‘Status’, ‘Is Hazardous’, ‘Required PPE’ and ‘Is Non Human’. These steps will help the user in creating a new zone.
    • An additional process is to fill out the GeoJson and the Boundary text box’s. If the user would like a guide for these processes they should use the link below.Link
  • Unable To Create New Site
    • To fix this issue, the user must fill out the required fields before saving such as ‘Name’, ‘Client’ and ‘Country’. This will allow the site to be seen on the user and superuser dashboard.
  • MV Is Not Identifying Target Objects Within Capture
    • When MV is not detecting target objects such as hardhats, faces and fire extinguishers because the target object could be obstructed which wouldn’t make the target object as visible as it should e.g. Target object obstructed by an object or person.
  • Device Location Is Not Present On GIS
    • First step to solve this issue is to double check the UID the user has entered for there device to make sure it is the correct one.
    • Step two would be to check that the user does not have different versions of XR-Sense running at once. The user can check this by going into “My Programmes” then turning their head to the right to which the user would see how many versions of XR-Sense are running on there HMT device (should only be the latest version of XR-Sense running).
  • Captures Not Appearing
    • This can often mean that the Device has not been set up on the User Dashboard. Also, different versions of the Application may affect the UID and treat it as a different Device.To resolve,
      1. Navigate to the Device Module.
      2. Click on the “+” Create New button.
      3. Define the Device Name and the UID. The UID can be obtained by opening the application and viewing the UID field.
      4. Save the form.
      5. Captures should appear on the User Dashboard if the Device is capturing images.
  • Unable To Assign Supervisor To A User
    • When unable to assign a supervisor, the user should create additional users if not done already. Once the new users have been created they should appear in the ‘Supervisors’ drop down when editing a user.
  • Unable To Log In
    • One method to solve this issue is to check that the password the user is entering is correct. If the user cannot remember the password log in to their dashboard they will have to select a ‘Reset Password’ and go through the steps which will be sent via Email instantly.
  • Unable To Create Users
    • When unable to create users, the client should follow the steps which is in the link below.
  • Unable To Assign A Role To User
    • When unable to assign a role to a user, make sure that the required fields are filled out. When these fields are not filled out they will appear red e.g. The ‘X’ field is required.

XR-Sense App Troubleshooting

  • Privacy Mode Not Activating
    • To activate privacy mode the user should navigate to the XR-Sense application then say “menu” then “Privacy On”.
  • Not Receiving Video Calls

    When XR-Sense does not receive a video call from the dashboard, this could mean a few things such as…
    Internet connection:
    Make sure the HMT and the device the user is calling from is connected to the internet. This can be done by going to “My Programmes”, “My Controls”, “Wireless Network”, “Wireless Network Settings”. The user will then select which network they want to connect to and which network they are currently connected to.
    Use Google not Safari if on a Mac:
    Google is far more compatible with XR-Sense than Safari
    Camera enabled on laptop and HMT:
    To enable camera on your Mac, select the apple logo located top left of your screen, select system preferences, navigate to security and privacy, select camera and select Google Chrome to enable camera.
    To enable camera on the HMT the user will have to go into “My Programmes”, “Settings”, “Apps and Notifications”, “XR-Sense”, “Permissions” then “Camera” and “Allow”.

  • Not Receiving Messages
  • No Zone Updates
    • If the Zones are not updating on the application of XR-Sense then the user can use this guide (in the link below) to see how they can create zones.


  • App Will Not Launch
    • If the XR-Sense application does not launch on your device, the user will have to go to “Show Notifications” on the home screen then “Dismiss All”.
    • If that method does not work the user will need to delete the application and download it. This can be done by going to “My Programmes”, “Settings”, “Apps and Notifications”, XR-Sense”, “Uninstall” then “Ok”. This will delete the app from the device.
    • The user will then have to redownload the latest application of XR-Sense.
  • Backlogging images
    • If backlogging images seem to be not working, go onto the XR-Sense app, ‘menu’ then ‘start’. This will allow backlogging images to occur when not connected to a server.
    • If the step above still doesn’t work, the user should enable there camera.  ‘navigate home’, ‘my programmes’, ‘settings’, ‘apps and notifications’, ‘XR-Sense’, ‘permissions’ then the user should go into ‘camera’ and ‘allow’.
  • QR Code
    • The user should ask there operator for a new QR Code if the one that has already been provided is not working, this is because the QR Code is out of date.
  • GPS Not working
    • If the GPS is not working, ‘navigate home’, ‘my programmes’, ‘settings’, ‘apps and notifications’, ‘XR-Sense’, ‘permissions’ then the user should go into ‘locations’ and ‘allow all the time’. This will enable locations on the XR-Sense app.
  • Display issues
    • If the XR-Sense screen is hard to see because of the bright/dark weather you can change the background colour of the screen. The user can do this by navigation to ‘my programmes’, ‘my controls’ then ‘colour mode’ which toggles light or dark mode.
  • Communication problems: User to there operator
    • When the weather is windy on the site, suggest to the user to acquire wind noise filters that stick on the bottom and top of the camera to make communication easier to hear.
  • Internet connection: Unstable/disconnected
    • From the home screen navigate to ‘my programmes’, ‘settings’, ‘wireless network and internet’. Then the user should see which internet they are connected to/choose the correct internet connection.
    • Secondly, if the connection on XR Sense is still unstable then the user should move into a different place where internet connection may be better e.g. different room.
    • The third step would be to request the user to navigate closer to the internet hub, this will make the the connection be more stable.
    • Additionally, if the connection is still unstable then ask the user to reset there internet and try the previous steps again.
  • App is showing the incorrect user information

    Ensure all permissions for the application have been accepted and that no other applications that use the camera, microphone or location data are running in the background as this is a conflict for the device.

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